Yvonne Nelson Exposed As Throwback Statement of Her Being A Virgin In 2010 Pops Up

Actress Yvonne Nelson is in some hot soup over her claim of being forced to undergo an abortion in 2010 – a throwback comment of hers completely contradicts that claim.

Yvonne during a Twitter interaction with fans was asked when she broke her virginity, and she confidently mentioned the year 2017.

Yvonne didn’t just mention 2017, she was specific that it had been on Vals’ Day in 2017!

If Yvonne Nelson broke her virginity on February 14th 2017, it means she was a virgin back in 2010 when she apparently slept with Sarkodie, got pregnant and had an abortion.

This massive contradiction has popped up after Yvonne’s explosive claims in her new book, ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’.

Fans are wondering how someone can be a virgin in 2017 and have an abortion in 2010.

So far… no explanation from Yvonne yet. She’s just enjoying the controversy and the book sales it’s presumably generating for her.

Check out Yvonne’s claim below…


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