You’re A Fool If You Zoom Photos To Check Hip Pads – Empress Gifty Causes Stir

Empress Gifty Osei has sneered at those who make it their mission to find celebrities hiding in hip pads.

Villagers, according to Gifty Osei, are those who scrutinize others to see if they are wearing hip pads or not.

She also chastised interviewers who inquire whether or not interviewees are wearing hip pads.

Hip pads are supposed to be worn, according to Gifty, and they increase the confidence of women who don’t feel comfortable in their natural bodies.

It’s not appropriate to question individuals if they’re wearing hip pads or not, according to the gospel musician, just as it’s not appropriate to inquire if they’re wearing trousers or not.

Gifty Osei, in a video that is currently generating a buzz on social media, declared angrily.

While we can’t say whether or not the musician wears a hip pad, we have noticed Empress Gifty has worked on her figure. She opted for a large nyash and hips.

Watch the video below;


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