Your tiny legs like thermometer – A Plus dirties songstress Feli Nuna

Kwame A-Plus has a reputation for becoming enraged when someone crosses his path, and he’s now slinging the infamous template at Feli Nuna.
A Plus has taken it out on Feli Nuna after going head to head with Abena Korkor and other female celebrities in a similar clash. They both participated on the latest episode of United Showbiz on UTV.

Feli Nuna stated during a studio conversation moderated by actress Nikki Samonas about the interaction between female artists and their managers that, while she has a partner, he is not interested in her music career.

She mentioned that when it comes to her music career, she expects to deal with a music executive officially and not with conditions of having something intimate.

A Plus disagreed, calling her partner a “foken” boy for failing to support her abilities. This sparked a feud between the two on live television, with Feli retaliating by mocking him as well.


A Plus continued to throw tantrums after the performance concluded, characterizing Nuna’s legs as resembling a thermometer. As shown in the screenshot above, he justified his attack on the ‘Towel’ singer by dragging her farther.

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