You’ll Sing Your Songs In Your Room If You Don’t Bring It To Us To Promote For You -Tiktok Stars To Musicians

Martina Dwamena, also known as Asantewaa, a Ghanaian Tiktok star, and her other tiktokers have provided musicians advice on how to market their music utilizing their (tiktok stars) platforms.

‘If you are an artiste, your craft no longer matters,’ Asantewaa says, because you will be singing your song alone until you pay TikTokers to market it.

Asantewaa featured on Saturday Night’s United Showbiz show on UTV with Hajia Bintu, Wesley Kesse, Jacqueline Mensah, Felicia Osei, and Erkua Official.

When asked about their TikTok influencer job, Asantewaa admitted that they are “hotcakes” right now, with so many calls pouring in asking for one promo or another.

“That’s why I say that now it doesn’t matter how long you have played your music game,” she said.

“when you drop a song now it is not about your craft unless you bring it to us, if not you will have to sing your song,” and Kesse hilariously added, “we are the board of directors, you have to bring it to us”. She continued.

It’s no news that any music that drops on tiktok trends becomes an automatic hit within a few weeks.

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