You Have No Choice But To Date Me – Throwback To When Sarkodie’s Wife Threatened Him When He Planned To Cheat came across an old yet interesting tweet from Ghanaian musician Sarkodie before to his wife Tracey Addo getting married.

Tracey Sarkcess and King Sark had been dating for quite some time before the rapper married her. Sarkodie made a remark during their dating phase that prompted Tracey to offer a severe warning to him.

Sarkodie, a rapper, asked his fans on Twitter which female celebrity they thought would be a good fit for his status so he might propose to her.

He was undecided on whether he should go with the smart and skinny Berla Mundi, the thick and curvaceous Peace Hyde, the busty Yvonne Okoro, or his lover Tracey Sarkcess.

Sarkodie was in his prime and had a plethora of females yearning for a night with him, so he took advantage of the situation.

He tweeted; “mop3 s3 me date @berlamundi?? Peace Hyde?? Yvonne Okoro?? Anaa Mo de TraceySarkcess??” His words translate as, “Do you want me to date berlamundi?? Peace Hyde?? Yvonne Okoro?? or you prefer Tracey Sarkcess?

Sarkodie’s girlfriend, now his wife and mother of two kids came to reply to his tweet cautioning him not to dare cheat on her. She tweeted, “You’ve got no choice”.

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