Yes, I did liposuction to enhance my body – Nana Ama McBrown confirms on live TV

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Actress Nana Ama McBrown has officially responded to multiple reports alleging she has undergone a plastic surgery procedure to enhance her body.

The mother-of-one on Saturday night opened up about her new hourglass figure on United Showbiz, putting all the social media cacophony to bed.

According to Nana Ama, she only went under a liposuction procedure to remove unwanted fat from her body and tummy, not cosmetic surgery to enhance her butt and boobs as speculated.

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In case you don’t know, the liposuction cosmetic procedure involves sucking out small areas of fat that are hard to lose through exercise and a healthy diet.

She explained that during the course of her 6-months absence from TV, she gained massive weight as she stayed at home to recoup from surgery on her fractured arm.

With the resources at her disposal, Nana Ama said went to the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital to have loose skin in her arms and fat in her tummy removed, and put her body in the desired shape before resuming work

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She narrated: “I tried to eat right to get to the shape that I wanted but my tummy was sagging, it has become very soft; I have a lot of fat in my system. So, I went for a medical check-up and my doctor told me that there is an option for that which I also know. I did it right here in Ghana at a top hospital, I enhanced my body for myself.”

“I am not here to encourage anybody to go and do what I did but because people have seen that I have changed, I will explain further. First of all, I have done lipo and I have not done any other thing. I have not done my bum. I have the right to do anything to my body and I have the right to tell you or not but God is my witness… I went to the right place and suck the fats out; when you do that and if you have a very good shape, you will get a very good shape. No tummy tuck, I can give birth again.

She continued: “I will be 45 in a few days and this is not the time to lie. Truthfully, I won’t sit here and lie. I won’t go and do liposuction and come and sit here and lie that I dieted No…! I did my lipo in a way that I can give birth again.

“I feel that the nature of my work requires that I have a good body and while I am growing, there have been many changes in my body so if I feel that I have fat in my tummy and go to the biggest hospital and get the fat off my tummy.

McBrown had come under fire on social media as she was accused of undergoing plastic surgery to enhance her curves and bum in order to look sassy.

But the right from horse’s own mouth, the actress has confirmed that she went to the hospital to remove some excess fats in her body to look good “for herself.”

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