We’ll Spend Only $8m On Black Stars For Group Stage At Qatar 2022 – Mustapha Ussif

Ghana will spend an astounding $8 million on the World Cup group stage, according to Mustapha Ussif, the Minister for Youth and Sports.

The Minister stated that the Black Stars’ performance will decide the entire spending in a speech to Parliament about the team’s budget.

He did provide a breakdown of how much the team should budget for each stage of the competition.

According to the explanations, should the group reach the Round of 16, Ghana would receive $8.792,600. If Ghana advances to the semifinals and the Black Stars reach the quarterfinals, the payment will increase to $14,184,100.

These discoveries follow the minister’s original statement last week that he might not be able to provide the tournament’s entire budget.

He claims that because of the nation’s present economic position, the Black Stars’ bonuses will stay the same as what they were in Brazil eight years ago.

During the Walk of the Legends event over the weekend, Mr. Ussif stated, “We have bargained with the Black Stars on all of their incentives as far as this World Cup is concerned, but once we get to the tournament, we will make it public to Ghanaians.”



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