WATCH: Reactions as Maadwoa’s friend who snitched on her finally speaks

According to various reports, Maadwoa was summoned by a friend to meet her police boyfriend before she was killed.

According to reports, three people were present when the incident occurred: Maadwoa, her lady friend, and her boyfriend.

Maadwoa’s lady friend, who is thought to be at the center of the incident, has finally spoken out.

She denied any knowledge of the incident. She stated that she was not the one who called for Maadwoa’s death.

Maakua, the lady, stated that she was not present when Maadwoa was killed.

She stated that she is unconcerned about Maadwoa’s death or the policeman’s death; all she cares about is being able to defend herself and the law taking its course.

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