WATCH: Lookalike Gang Unveil KiDi Lookalike with 6-Packs and Tattoos

The four kings, the troublesome lookalike gang which refuses to die, are expanding their horizons.

The group has added a new member, a KiDi lookalike who they’ve taken great pains to groom to look exactly like the singer.

The 4 Kings unveiled their newest member in a video in which the King Promise lookalike and the Kuami Eugene lookalike appeared in.

The hilarious video showed the two lookalikes standing alongside a person covered up.

Hyping up their newest discovery, they showed off his features to give Ghanaians a clue of which artist he’s mimicking.

After being unveiled, he turned out to be a KiDi lookalike!

The hilarious video is drawing reactions online!

Watch below


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