WATCH: Ladies sleeping with tamed Arab pet l!ons for $30,000

A porta potty is a portable toilet that individuals use to dispose of various bodily wastes. Pee, poop, vomit, and everything else.

In sex, a porta toilet is a concept in which men, often Arabs, invite women over and dump all sorts of bodily waste on them in exchange for money. It doesn’t stop there, though.

They also force them to have sex with animals like dogs for a fee. As a result, these women are known as porta toilets.

When these ladies accomplish their “tasks” and collaborate, these wealthy Arab males usually pay them up to $30,000 each week.

The money is paid in installments, which is pretty appealing. For example, they could wire up to $10,000 into your account for certain upkeeps before you embark on a yacht with them.

That is in local currency in Nigeria. They then proceed to pay the remaining balance after pooping, peeing, and performing various fetishes on you.

According to Ruthy, a well-known social critic, Dubai has been extensively documented, particularly the exploits of the Porta Potty ladies.

She described how certain money-conscious Ghanaian and Nigerian girls have sex with tamed lions that belong to some of these Arabs in Dubai in the video below.

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