WATCH: Kwame A Plus goes after Oheneyere Gifty Anti again

Ghanaian singer and political activist, Kwame Asare Obeng, commonly known as , Kwame A Plus, has attacked Ace journalist, Gifty Anti in a recent interview.

A Plus said Gifty Anti deceived many young ladies that there’s nothing special about marriage throughout the years that she was single and had no man to marry.

According to A Plus, when she found a worthy man to marry, she abandoned all her principles and got married.

He added that Gifty Anti became so proud of her marriage that she even added a title to her name, Oheneyere.

A Plus went further to tear Anti to shreds, revealing all her claims about men being nothing were reversed as she even went on to kneel before her husband.

The controversial political commentator and activist were commenting on feminists and said many of them aren’t genuine.

He said they only constantly bash men because they haven’t found any proper one to settle down yet, as Gifty Anti used to do.

He also addressed claims that he doesn’t respect women by revealing a lot of things he has done to help women.

Watch the video below:

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