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WATCH: Hookup Girl Alina Dzifa suffering massive spiritual attacks after video leak

Ghanaian h**kup girl Alina Dzifa who was jubilating just a few days ago that her n*d* video had been l*ak*d, is jubilating no more.

In a new video shared to social media, Dzifa is now crying out, claiming she is suffering massive spiritual attacks in recent days.

According to her, the attacks are shockingly enough, coming from people she has helped in one capacity or another.

Alina Dzifa, who goes by Born Bold when she’s selling her body for money, says whenever she gives people money after they beg her for it, they turn around it use it to try and harm her.

She took to social media to narrate her suffering, crying as she did so.

Netizens had little sympathy for Dzifa, particularly after her brash videos earlier where she bragged that she earns people’s monthly salaries in an hour.

“Depression has set in madame seek help,” one netizen said.

Another added; “So her ghc 2k per hour is not giving her comfort amidst her spiritual attacks,”

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