WATCH: Girls prefect of Mawuko girls caught on tape having s*x with her Ho Poly boyfriend

For some time now, social media has been buzzing about a leaked film between the senior prefect of Mawuko Girls SHS and her Ho Technical University boyfriend.

Despite the fact that the two’s deed was intended to remain secret, the footage made its way onto social media.

Some claim that the video was grabbed from the boy’s phone by some close pals, who then posted it on Snapchat.

According to camp reports, the lady who was the senior prefect of her school on the day the video was filmed skipped school to visit her boyfriend.

It went on to say that the girl was well aware that her boyfriend was filming their sexual activity but did not complain or speak out against it.

The video cannot be shared here due to site policy, but it can be found on several social networking pages.

This recently leaked tape has raised serious concerns about why people continue to record their sexual acts when they know it could end up on social media if it falls into the wrong hands.

Watch the video HERE.

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