WATCH: Daughters fights their abusive dad after he threatened to beat and kill their mum

In Nigeria, a viral video of some young girls defying their father after he threatened to beat their mother and “send her to her death” has gone viral.

When the daughters intervened, the husband, known as Engr Taju Olanrewaju, who is supposedly a deacon in an Abuja church, threatened to assault his wife, Gloria, with a belt.

One of the brave daughters, who appeared to be the eldest among her siblings, stood in the way of her irate father, refusing to let him see her mother instead of demanding that he beat her.

According to online reports, Mr. Olanrewaju has attacked his wife on several occasions over their 26-year marriage, which has produced two boys and three girls.

They summoned the guts to stand up for their mother and stop him from abusing her.

View the popular video below.

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