WATCH: Curvy lady wears tight twɛrks while hawking fish, turns head in video

A curvy lady who went to the market to sell smoked fish has gone viral as her video emerged on TikTok.

In the video posted by @empressveegh1, the lady was dressed in tight shorts that brought out her full shape.

The video opened with the lady being helped to carry the basin of smoked fish on her head.

It looked like she was more interested in showing off her beautiful body than the fish on her head.

A lot of people in the market left what they were doing and watched with their mouths wide open as the lady walked past.

She confidently shook her waist as she walked into the market, not minding that people were watching.

The video has sparked reactions on TikTok after she posted it for her fans to see. It is not clear if the video is a skit.

Watch the video below: 


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Reactions as lady shakes waist while hawking fish:

@Sister _Salo said:The end weak me. The shaking Nyah part.” 

@Akanlo Sylvester commented: “The best way of winning the hearts of consumers.” 

@Brilliant Mundi said: “The pressure is getting harder.” 

@Addobeah said:Best package ever.” 

@Gfresh commented: “I love your walking.” 

@user5812402019858hummu Ibrahim said:Is she selling or selling.” 

@HApedo said:I will buy all the fish, how much is the delivery fee.” 

@Limelight commented:Business strategy.”

Meanwhile, in a related story, a young Nigerian content creator (@michealmstar_) who loves putting smiles on people’s faces had surprised a lady on the street.

While the lady was walking into a shop to get something, he followed her.

After calling the lady’s attention, he presented her with two pieces of paper with different options.

Surprised by the man’s action, the lady picked a paper that read “bag“.

The man dipped his hand into his backpack and brought out a bag for her.

She was so joyful and amazed by the strange gift.

She knelt for the man in appreciation and hugged him tight.

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