WATCH: Chaos as Slay Queen revels secret on how girls use juju to lure wealthy men

A repentant slay queen has told Accra-based Okay FM how she managed to sleep with close to 5000 men (we don’t know if she employed hyperbole here with impunity) during the time she was plying her trade as a professional slay queen.

The lady who goes by the name Bongo Depharaa said her promiscuous lifestyle began when she started sleeping with boys at the age of eight at the cemetery moments after her mother passed away in their village. She further said she journeyed to Ghana’s capital, Accra to practice prostitution, euphemistically as a slay queen.

”I have a group of ladies I used to work with and sometimes we will go for powers under the sea where we will be given snakes to put in our private parts so that any man we slept with will do whatever we wanted. Some of the black magic we go for come in the form of waist beads, anklets, rings, make-up, and even lipstick. Sometimes we go as far as using certain types of waist beads to prevent these men from ejaculating especially when we dislike them,” she narrated on the radio show.

She said amongst her numerous clients were musicians, pastors, sakawa boys (Yaohoo Yahoo) and guys from all walks of life. Watch the video below;

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