WATCH: Chaos as actress drops list of actress sleeping with dogs for money

The problem of girls sleeping with Dubai’s wealthy dogs for money has been trending on social media for the past few days.

After a sex video of a lady with a dog inexplicably surfaced on the internet and trended on the local digital space in a twinkling, this hot discourse erupted, which shouldn’t have even been in the public domain in the first place.

While some social media users claim the video is fake, Kumawood actress Ellen Asante Korkor has shed new light on the “Sex with dogs for money” fad.

The viral video is definitely authentic, according to Ellen, and it’s the new cash cow for most of our female superstars.

Ellen said in a short Tiktok video on her website that one of her celebrity female friends was lured to Dubai to sleep with a millionaire’s dog.

Most of the women who have fallen prey to “Sex with a dog for money” are greedy and don’t want to work hard, preferring instead to live easy lives at the expense of wealthy men, according to Ellen.

Ellen, who knows more than we do at the time, has the authority to identify and condemn all the female celebrities who sleep with dogs for money.

According to reports, Dubai’s wealthy is allegedly paying women as much as $5,000 to have sex with their pets.

It’s already a trend, and more women are joining the long lines only to cash out and fund their high-end lifestyles.

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