WATCH: Cameraman abandons his job at event, rocks and dances hard with 2 ladies

Viral Video Today: There was a surprising moment at an event as a cameraman stole the show on the dance floor in style.

A video of a cameraman dancing hard with female guests at an event he was meant to cover has given netizens laughs.

In the hilarious video shared by Atinkanews on Instagram, the cameraman was seen with a camera in hand while guests were having a nice time on the dance floor.

He suddenly abandoned his job and stealthily danced behind a lady. After some time, he began rocking the lady as they both danced hard like people familiar with each other.

The duo continued dancing and became a trio as another lady out of the blues joined the man from the back – this made him sandwiched between both ladies.

The trio stole the show on the dance floor… Watch the video below:

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