WATCH: Bhadie Kelly’s TikTok star waist dance moves leaves men salivating

A pretty lady called Bhadie Kelly has become a viral sensation on TikTok and the love she has been getting from people is amazing.

If you think she got popular for her dance moves, you may have to think again as there are many excellent dancers on the platform. What she has could be termed as a case of pure grace.

In recent weeks, many videos based on her moves were created by her numerous admirers. There were also those who funnily tried to mimic her style.

A scroll through her page shows she has numerous clips where she dances in a gown against a background that has nice kicks.

Watch one of Bhadie videos below:

@bhadie.kellyy Purr😂 #fyp #foryou #xyzbca #viral ♬ in for it – ♡!i


bhadie.kellyy dance moves have become a TikTok challenge of some sort that other ladies have jumped on it and modeled their content after Kelly.

Below is one of them:

@fafali07 #kelly 😩❤️😂 Still Kelly #fypシ ♬ My baby Magnom ft Joey B sped up – OHENEBA 🇬🇭

In another video, a lady dressed exactly like Kelly and she tried to make her TikTok signature moves.

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