WATCH: Avram Ben Moshe finally reacts to viral lea,k video

Avram Ben Moshe who is the founder and leader of the Common Sense Family has finally reacted to the viral video that showed him being accused of chopping another man’s wife by some young men.

In the video, he was seen surrounded by some young men who accused him of dating a married man.

Avram Ben Moshe in new videos we intercepted has reacted to the viral video.

According to him, the woman alleged to be someone’s wife is actually the baby mama he visited.

He said that he brought some provisions to the woman and his kid and that the young men had plans to set him up.

Avraham Ben Moshe explained that the young men had planned to record him n-ked with the woman but fortunately for him he just visited her baby mama to give her some provisions.

He added that the baby mama’s boyfriend sent the guys to humiliate him as he threatened the lady that he would torment whoever comes close to her after the lady tried to break up with him.

Watch the video below as he gives a blow-to-blow account of what exactly happened:



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