WATCH: Abena Korkor lands in trouble after going ŋækєd on social media

Media personality and controversial socialite Nana Abena Korkor has taken over social media trends that have caused controversy due to viral graphic images.

When Abena Korkor’s images went viral, Twitter erupted with calls for her arrest, as they believe Akuapem Poloo, who uploaded akd pictures of her son, experienced the same fate.

The subject of her viral photos was brought up for discussion on UTV’s United Showbiz, and three panelists advocated for her imprisonment.

Panelists on the show such as A PLus, Bulldog, and Mr. Logic established that picking up Abena Korkor is the first step in resolving her predicament.

“The wɛɛ is just too fine. Everyone is mad. It’s a trigger that multiplies the effect. I was once addicted to cigarettes and it took just one day to stop.

In the recent video she made, you should have seen her face. It was evident in her eyes cos she looked high. Wɛɛ isn’t a good thing. Abena is very much okay. It’s the wɛɛ. If a woman goes mad, it’s difficult for her to str¡p ŋakɛd. So if you see these things happen, then it’s inspired by drʋgs. Abena Korkor must be arrested and arraigned before court,” A Plus opined.

Bulldog also believes that the right thing to do is for Korkor to be arrested and detained in a psychiatric home.

“She needs to be picked up and detained at the psychiatric hospital because what she will do next might take Ghana by storm. I can give you a vivid description of what she can do. Every 6th march, there’s a parade and the president of Ghana is always present. Imagine she is also there. She will str¡p and dance in front of the president.”

Mr. Logic, a popular entertainment pundit also said Korkor must be penalized for what he termed as indecent exposure.

Watch the video below:




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