Viral video of Blue Jays fans caught having ѕєχ during game

A of fans seemed to care little about what was going on at the Rogers Centre, where the Toronto Blue Jays were facing the Chicago Cubs because while the game was in progress they were busy having ѕєχ.

A video that was posted online shows the Blue Jays fans in a very compromising position inside a stadium, for which they were arrested for the alleged ѕєχʋαl act.

One of the censored videos posted on the Twitter account @blogTo shows the couple in one of the corners of the stadium, in the stands. The woman is sitting on top of a man having a good time.

Another video shows the same couple in the same position, but at least three elements of the police and stadium security already heading toward them, surely to end their moment and at least get them out of the stadium.

According to the video, they were taken off the property, although no charges were filed.

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