VIDEO: See what this lady is doing to her husband in the name of romance

A young lady, probably between the ages of 25 and 30, was caught on camera doing something strange to her husband in the name of romance, and many social media users couldn’t stop laughing after seeing the video.

If you look closely at the video, you can see that the lady has used dog chains to tie her husband’s neck and that she is holding the rope of the chain.

In addition, the man was seen squatting and acting like a dog. This is because his wife had requested that they do so in the name of romance.

“Bark like a dog,” the lady is heard saying in the video. The man began barking like a dog, but his wife was seen beating him with a rope. The lady appears to have whipped her husband very hard, causing the man to remove the dog chain and say, “Baby, that hurt.”

The woman apologized and instructed him to put the dog chain on. “Sit and bark like a dog,” the lady instructed the husband.

The man did, and his wife whipped him again with the rope. This time, the man became enraged and stood up.

The man explained to his wife that what she was doing was not romantic, but rather punishment. He removed the dog chain and turned off the camera.

After seeing this video, some men on social media stated that no matter how much they love their wives, they will never do this to them. This is insane and unnecessary; there are many ways to flirt with your partner, but this is excessive.

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