VIDEO: I once ‘robbed’ a taxi driver – Actor Majid Michel recounts

Majid Michel, a popular Ghanaian actor, has said that when he was broke, he stole from a taxi driver.
He explained that after entering a taxi to an unknown area, he resorted to stealing because he didn’t have any money on him.

In response to a question made by Angel Drive host Okyeame Quophi on the show’s 30/30 section, the actor stated that the incident occurred during a difficult period in his life.

When asked about the event, Majid Michel admitted, “I used to take cabs, the trotro taxi type, not the taxi that drops you.” So, while I’m in the taxi, I’ll remove the money [from the gear area where drivers drop their pennies] and put it in my pocket… Then, when we arrive, I will pay him with his own money because I didn’t have any.”

The Oscar winner also stated that he despises religion, believing that it simply produces difficulties.

To become true children of God, Christians, he believes, must go beyond religious requirements.

“I’m completely opposed to religion…

Religion has produced numerous issues. When we transcend religion and become sons of God, we discover many things outside of the church.”

Despite his unbelief in religion, the actor stated on Angel FM on Wednesday, May 11 that “I’ve seen him [Jesus], I’ve spoken to him, I’ve heard him, and he’s directed me.”

When asked where he saw Jesus, he said, “I talk to him every day at the secret spot that is inside you.”

The ‘Crime to Christ’ actor counseled Christians to focus on the ultimate goal, which he describes as finding Jesus and discovering his will through a relationship with him.

Majid Michel also mentioned that when he began his journey for Jesus, he was not spiritually settled.

“Since 2014, I didn’t have an issue with God, but I did have a problem with Jesus’ stories. By problem, I wasn’t settled and hadn’t come to a resolution in my soul, so I began the quest for him.”

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