VIDEO: All to know about Bhadie Kelly, the overnight internet sensation

A beautiful lady, Bhadie Kelly on TikTok has won many hearts on the social media platform with her moves.

Suppose you are a millennial or probably a social media user. In that case, it is most likely you woke up to social media videos, photos, and trends from one TikTok user, Bhadie Kelly.

Like most female social media sensations, Bhadie Kelly began trending after a video of the beautiful lady wearing a light brown and mixed brown bodysuit made waves on social media.

In the said video, Bhαdie Kelly was captured shaking her backside, making flirtatious gestures and dancing to a Tiktok challenge.

Here are the answers all the questions followers and fans of this “bhadie” have been asking on Google.

Is Bhadie Kelly a Nigerian ?

Kelly’s sudden trend in Nigeria has made people want to believe that the TikTok sensation is a Nigerian , however, Kelly was born in Togo hence a Togolese.

Is bhadie Kelly on Instagram?

Yes. Kelly is very active on Instagram with 200k followers.

What is Kelly’s Instagram handle?

The Instagram handle for Kelly is slay.kelly.

What is Kelly’s Age?

The exact age of Kelly is unknown as the socialite has kept that detail private, however, some fans and followers claim the TikTok star is still a teenager.

What is Bhadie Kelly real name?

Bhadie Kelly real name is yet to be public as the social media star maintains a pseudo name on all her social media page.

Here are photos of Kelly Bhadie.

Here are photos of Kelly Bhadie.






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