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This video of Sarkodie and Ghanaian influencer Gingerr causes stir

Rapper Sarkodie has gotten people talking as he stole the show at the Pepsodent Charcoal launch which happened last night.

Sarkodie performed at the program to entertain fans who made it to the show.

During his performance, he called one posh lady identified as Gingerr to dance with her.

But both Sarkodie and the lady were decent and respected themselves. They didn’t go grinding each other to cause a social media stir.

However, fans are still talking as the two personalities trend side by side.

The lady is at the centre of admiration – her personality, beauty and composure after meeting and dancing with Odidi is quite a refreshing sight.

Sarkodie, however, is being trolled over his supposed ulterior motive. Netizens believe he might book an appointment with the lady at his beach house.

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