The fact that you met the wrong man does not mean every other man is wrong- Diana Hamilton to ladies

Diana Hamilton
Diana Hamilton

Diana Hamilton has provided advice to young women on how to handle dating choices.

Women were given relationship counseling by the multiple award-winning Ghanaian gospel artist on TV XYZ, who advised them not to judge their spouses based on unfavorable interactions they may have had in previous relationships.

“The fact that you met the wrong man does not mean every other man is wrong. I think the mistake some young ladies make is that they make the right guys pay for the sins of the bad ones,” she said. 

The gospel hitmaker and singer further counseled ladies to refrain from expecting money and gifts before engaging in sexual activity with their spouses.

“If you take money from your husband for sex it means you are a prostitute”, Diana Hamilton has said adding that “If it happens that way then that is prostitution. A woman who does that is equal to a commercial sex worker”, she added.

“Why do you have to wait till sex time before you demand money from your husband? Taking money from your husband before sex is not right”, she concluded.



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