Terrible news hits John Dumelo and his family

Many of actor John Dumelo’s Twitter followers have expressed their condolences in response to the news that he has died.

On Monday, May 30, 2022, the Ghanaian actor-turned-politician revealed the depressing revelation in a tweet.

The actor revealed that he had lost two close relatives in the span of less than a month. According to him, the deceased were relatives on his mother’s side of the family tree.

“In the last 20 days, I have lost 2 very close relatives. First, it was my aunt, then now my uncle. Both are my mum’s siblings. This really hurts. Rest In Peace Aunt Helena Kukwa Addai and Matthew Addai,” he shared while displaying the pictures of the deceased.

After reading this article, many users of social media reached out to the actor and his family with well-wishes, condolences, and other kinds of support.

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