Some Girls Travel To Dubai Just To Eat Poos Of Arab Men For $40,000

This week might be a long week for Deloris Frimpong Manso, better known as Delay, as she reveals some top secrets about some big girls in the popular world.

According to Delay, who was speaking at a forum, most big girls who go to Dubai and after their return blow cash on luxurious lives and display them on social mostly go there to eat the poop of some top Arab men for some dollars.

She said:

“Recently, pardon me to say, some females in Dubai let Arab guys poop in their mouths for $40,000,”

When they return, they spend that money on luxury clothing that they then display on social media. So, with this, do we live a meaningful life? You know what I’m referring to. “You may watch a woman sleeping and these Arab males pooing in her mouth in a recent viral video.”

“Are you for real?” What in the world are you even looking for? buying an iPhone 14? Do you have any knowledge?

The Bible is the best handbook for living, and it says that everything in this world will pass away. If you purchase a new Range Rover today, a brand new one will be produced tomorrow. We will thus never be able to keep up with the globe until you return to get the brand new one.



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