She was fired after she was caught having SEX with one of the Directors in the office

Bountiful Safaris CEO Esther Njoroge was reportedly dismissed by her former employer Sarah Kabu of Bonfire Adventures over randy behaviours.

According to a well-placed source, Esther was fired after she was caught red-handed having sex with one of the directors in the office.

Sarah terminated her contract and told her to go and open a brothel.

Esther had earlier stated in an interview with Lynn Ngugi that she left Bonfire Adventures because the workplace was toxic.

 “Sometimes I do not like remembering, but what I say you know at the end of the day that changed my life in a way, I learnt something so I thank them because they offered me a platform. It was God’s time for me to be there but it was not easy, I would never want anybody to go through what I went through because it messed me up,” she said.

“There are words that you are not supposed to say to people who have worked for you. One thing that hurt me the most is when I was told that Esther, you, and your friends can go and start a brothel. That damaged me. That is when I decided that I would never be employed again and I left,” she added.

Sarah Kabu has since denied claims that she was a toxic boss as alleged by Esther and accused her of tainting her image.

 “I am appalled at the recent remarks made during an interview by a former employee of Bonfire Adventures, we are a reputable company that thrive in giving our employees the best and providing a conducive working environment for all. For the last 10 years, this lady has been using influencers to brand me a toxic boss to sanitize her past. I am a pro-women and support other women to grow in all their endeavors,” she said.

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