Shatta Wale Reveals He Is Ready To Tell Court How Bulldog Planned Fennec’s Murder, Kwaw Kese Calls On Ghana Police

Shatta Wale and Bulldog

It’s been years since the media and Kwaw Kese have been really trying hard to find the real killers of manager Fennec Okyuere, but it has led to no avail. Even though Bulldog of Bullhaus has been the main suspect since there has been no evidence to back the claim.

Today, Shatta Wale, who happens to be the last artist managed by Bulldog, has decided to spill the beans since he is at loggerheads with his former boss. Hower, in a Facebook post, Shatta Wale has revealed he is ready to make the world know how Bulldog planned Fennec’s murder.

Taking to facebook, Shatta Wale wrote:

Bull Dog since u r bringing out secrets. You will tell Ghanaians What happen to Fenicks Murder !! And I am not joking about this time !! I am ready to tell the court about what you told me about you and your men and how planned that foolish act get ready.This Akuffo addo won’t give you a murder chance to be on our streets !!! Watch how this ends !!! You can’t fight time,”

However, upon seeing the same post on Instagram, Kwaw Kese, who has been finding justice for his former manager, Fennec Okyere, has called on the Ghana Police to investigate into the matter as soon as possible.



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