Shatta Wale and Michy are aware they are not meant to be together – Shatta Wale’s father reveals

Shatta Wale and Michy are aware they are not meant for each other – Shatta Wale’s father says

Shatta Capo, the father of dancehall musician Shatta Wale, has stated that, Michy and Shatta Wale are aware that they are not meant to be together.

Shatta Wale, a dancehall performer, and his baby mother Michy have been apart for more than two years. Since the two shared two distinct reasons for their split, the primary reason why they split up is unknown.

Shatta Capo, the father of Shatta Wale, spoke with Ohenewaa Kese Boahene on Obra MU. Shatta Capo spoke during a segment of the Dwabre Mu show on Class Media’s CTV about the breakdown of the relationship between his son and Michy.

According to Shatta Capo, his son and Michy started dating in 2013. “I got to know Shatta Michy through Shatta Wale”. “Michy is a lovely lady, no two ways about that, She’s different from Shatta Wale”, he said.

Yes, God created us all in his image, yet each of us has unique character qualities. We should pay special attention to that. Your character is not like mine, whether you like it or not,” he asserted.

“In the same vein, when you meet a woman, she also has a character different from yours. So, it’s important to study the person when you meet. [Get] to know who he or she is in terms of their identity. People usually don’t consider this,” he advised.

“Now, the problem between Shatta and Michy stemmed from this very thing I am talking about. They both got to know each other well and they know for a fact that they don’t click,” he firmly stated.

When his host exclaimed at his startling observation, he buttressed: “Although they lived together and I have a grandson between the two of them, Shatta being my child and Michy being, if you like, my daughter-in-law, they know they don’t click. There is no way they can say they do. Otherwise, all that happened wouldn’t have. So basically, that is what it is.”

So, all those pleading that they get back together, [should understand] they know they don’t click,” he stressed. “Michy is aware, Shatta is aware.”

He agreed that “people love them together but the traits, in terms of character, doesn’t click, they don’t match.” He threw his hands up in dramatic emphasis.



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