Sam George Urges Other Members Of The Stubborn Academy To Go And Register Their Sim, Checkout Why

Sam Nartey George
Sam Nartey George

The minister of Ningo Pramprah, Sam Dzata George, has been an active member of those fighting for the ordinarily Ghanaians so that the Ghana card will not be the only card that will be used for the sim cards’ re-registration.

However, the request has been accepted by the National Communication Authority, which has authorized network providers to accept the voter ID card for registration. Sam George has urged all those who were not registering because of the Ghana card to do so because there will be no excuse when the deadline is over.

Taking to Facebook this morning, Sam George wrote:

Good morning Fellow Ghanaians

I hope you are coping with the current challenges we are faced with as a people. I bring at least some good news.

Our struggles have yielded success. We have had a breakthrough. I can reliably inform you that the Ministry of Communications and Digitalisation Ghana has finally seen wisdom in our position.

They have through the National Communications Authority Ghana directed the MNOs to accept the Voter’s ID Card as a document for the registration of our SIM cards. Finally Ursula Owusu has given in to the power and will of the people. This is our collective victory.

On this note, I urge everyone who has not registered yet to take advantage of this new development and register your SIM cards. I would be supporting a deadline with this new arrangement. You certainly will have a Voter’s ID if you do not have a Ghana Card.

The people’s power is always greater than the people in power. Let’s go my people!



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