Prepaid Meters To Be Distributed For Free In Kroboland, 50 Soldiers To Escort ECG Workers

According to Eric Tetteh, the Chief Executive of Yilo Krobo Municipality, a group of 50 military officers will be sent in the Krobo area to help the Ghana Electricity Company install prepaid meters from Kpong.

“The instruction is simple: if you say you do not want a prepaid meter when they enter your house, they will disconnect you and leave,” he explained.

The decision is a last measure, according to the MCE, because certain people are instigating others to oppose the installation of prepaid meters, while ECG continues to accumulate debt as a result of the same people’s refusal to pay their bills.

“The alternative was frightening because we could lose power in the Krobo area.” Please, let us avoid any conflict and work together.” Prepaid meters will be placed in the Krobo district, according to an ECG press release issued on Monday, June 13.

It goes on to say that debt from 2014 to 2017 has been set aside, while debt from 2019 to 2021 will be paid over a five-year period. Customers are expected to pay their bills in 2022 and visit ECG offices to discuss payment terms. According to ECG, all residents would receive the prepaid meters for free.


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Eric Tetteh
Yilo Krobo Municipality

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