People Have Forgotten Common Sense And human Decency In This Age Of Social Media – Lydia Forson

Lydia Forson

After the death of Davido’s son, a lot of social media users accused the Afrobeats star of being careless and losing his son to the pool.

Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson, however, in a series of tweets, has disagreed with those trying to come up with that meme, as she thinks it’s not right to apportion the death of a child to the grieving family even when you are right.

In the series of tweets, Lydia wrote:

Resist the urge to write think pieces when someone dies, just keep them at your kitchen table. Send thoughts, prayers, and well wishes, that’s all. Emotional intelligence is also knowing when to STFU.

I fell out with someone I respected when he decided that my friends child who died at a daycare over abuse was responsible for leaving the child there to go and work. He didn’t just think it, he came on social media debate it for the grieving family to see.

It also seems that a lot of people have forgotten common sense and human decency in this age of social media. If you can’t say it to a persons face, don’t do it online; how hard is that?



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