OV Reveals What Happened To Him When She Was Kicked Out Of Burniton Music Group

She has been out of the music scene and is now back with more heat but on to reveal what actually went on with her when her former boss, Stonebwoy, and his manager, Blakk Cedi, parted.

In a recent interview on 3fm drive, OV revealed she nearly ran away when Stonebwoy kicked her out of Burniton Music Group.

Talking to Giovani Caleb, OV said:

“It was after the exit. It was something that hit me very hard. It got me thinking, “Am I not enough? It started giving me doubts about deserving to be on a label. It put me through some situations that I would not wish on my worst enemy.It put me through a lot. I was depressed. It got to a point where I stayed away from everybody. “

“I was at a friend’s event. When I got there, I felt like something was not right. So I went out. I started feeling a burning sensation and wanted to take off my clothes.

“I was confined for two weeks. It got to a point where they gave me an overdose of the medicine, unknowingly, and I was paralyzed and drooling all over”.



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