Nogokpo Shrine Sends Stern Warning To Afia Schwarzenegger For Doing This (Details)

Nogokpo shrine has sent a stern warning to controversial media personality Afia Schwarzenegger after she shared a controversial video of herself visiting the shrine.

The Nogokpo shrine has cautioned Afia to stop trivializing her visit to the shrine on social media.

This is from a statement on their Facebook page as spotted by

According to the shrine they don’t entertain posting videos of the shrine online and using it to scare people because the place is a sacred place for justice and not place used to cause fear and panic.

They acknowledged the socialite visited the shrine and as per their norm, she alone spoke to the gods and what she seeks from them.

The shrine says she should stay calm and wait for the gods judgement and quit using their name to cause fear and panic.

Afia has since deleted the said video that she shared on Instagram.

Check out the post from the shrine below or visit for more related stories.


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