Netizens lash out at Nana Agradaa after saying flaunts her melons after 5 children

Controversial self-acclaimed woman of God, Nana Agradaa now known as Evangelist Mama Pat has come under heavy criticism after bragging in a video that has gone viral.

Mama Pat is notoriously known for scamming gullible people under the guise of helping them become rich quickly.

She has been arrested on multiple occasions to pay for her crimes but as expected, she weaseled her way out of court and paid some fines.

In a recent self-recorded video on her Tiktok page, Mama Pat bragged about having standing melons despite having five children.

She claimed God had blessed her with money, cars, natural hair, and abundant beauty.

This sparked a lot of outrage as many people bashed her for using money she stole from people to enrich herself.

Recall that Agradaa was detained sometime last year after she is accused of defrauding members of her church.

Agradaa reportedly terminated the service and sent her bodyguards to chase the customers out after she collected money from the members on the pretense that she would double it for them.

Agradaa was arrested by the police for questioning, and her release on bail was postponed for nearly a month.

Despite all these controversies, Agradaa aka Evangelist Mama Pat still has a huge number of people who attend her church on a regular basis.

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