Nana Agraada sacrifices pregnant woman and a baby every year – Kevin Taylor

Kevin Taylor, a Ghanaian media personality based in the United States, goes completely insane on Nana Agraada in a recent video that we received.
Following their long-running feud, the two influential people have been slamming each other on the internet, revealing intimate information about their personal lives in the process.

Kevin Taylor, who appears to be an alternate version of Afia Schwarzenegger, recently revealed that during Nana Agraada’s sika era, he offered human sacrifices in the form of ceremonies to the gods that she worshipped by sacrificing two separate people.

He claims that Nana Agraada would appease the gods by offering a pregnant lady and a newborn child as a sacrifice every year.

He claimed that the crafty lady ultimately grew tired of it all and wanted to put an end to it, but that she was punished for her desire, which resulted in one of her children going insane.

Kevin Taylor has vowed to publish images of the man whose mental health has deteriorated as a result of his mother’s disobedience.

As a result, Kevin Taylor advised all members of Nana Agraada to stop following her because she would eventually use them all for the sacrifices she makes.

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