Naana Brown dirties Diamond Appiah, reveals her real age

Ghanaian media personality, Naana Brown, has completely dirtied and exposed her former best friend, Diamond Appiah.

In a video shared to social media, Brown descended on Diamond, unhappy over something her former confidant said.

Screaming into her camera, Brown took aim at Diamond’s biggest achilles heel – the obvious lie about her age.

Despite looking closer to fifty than forty, Diamond maintains publicly that she’s in her early to mid-thirties. Considering she’s been an actress and musician for decades at this point, Ghanaians always call her out on it but Diamond maintains the lie.

Well, her own ‘bestie’ exposed her in the video. According to Brown, Diamond is 48 years old, nothing they’ve known each other close to three decades.

She added that Diamond branding herself as a billionaire is a ridiculous assertion since everyone knows she’s broke.

She mocked her that there are times they go out and Diamond doesn’t have even Ghc 100 cash on her.

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