My Innocent Husband Is Taking Of Two Children Who Are Not His And I Am Afraid He May Find Out Soon – Worried Wife

After cheating on her spouse on several times, a worried married woman from Taifa in the Greater Accra Region seeks guidance on how to save.

According to the lady, she needs to protect her image since she and her husband “play leading roles in the church,” and she can’t stand the disgrace of being exposed.

She added that, despite the fact that she is currently married to her eight-year-old spouse, she is more or less married to two other guys. This is due to the fact that the two children her spouse is caring for are not his.

The disturbed woman claimed in a letter to The SelShow, a Facebook counselling site, that she had broken up with her ex-lover but that they had found a way to rejoin after marriage.

“I’ve been married for eight years and have two lovely children. My husband looks after the children well and they are very close, but he is also caring for someone else’s children, which only I and the children’s father are aware of.

“I met my husband when I broke up with him but just a year into our marriage, he started coming back and this was how we reconnected and I got pregnant for him but gave it to my husband, both the first and the second pregnancies,” she revealed.

She furthered that she has been able to cheat on her husband over the years successfully with the cooperation of her ex-boyfriend, but she fears her cup is getting full, and her husband might just get wind of her infidelity.


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