My father slept with me for years, we have a child together – Mother spills

A Kenyan lady identified as Joyce Ngugi has shared a shocking story of how she gave birth to children that belonged to her father.

She revealed that her father abused her from a very young age till she got pregnant. She refused to tell her mother about it because her father threatened to kill her.

She said:

“My father slept with me for years and we have a child together. Our child is currently 8yrs old. There is nothing anyone will say to me that will convince me to love my father because he abused me from my little stage as a girl and I was scared to speak.

As we speak, my mother doesn’t talk to me; she has even blocked my number and I don’t stay in the house anymore. I still love my mother but I just pray that God will touch her heart to forgive me because I was just a child when all of these started.

I will never allow my daughter to go through this in life. Even though my education has been zigzag, I will make my mum proud. May be she might forgive me”.


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