MUBS student filmed eating whopper like a rabbit in viral video

When you first hear about MUBS, you might assume it’s a serious campus because of its association with business courses. However, the reality is that the campus is full of lively and eccentric individuals who love bonking themselves like there is no tomorrow.

While Makerere University may have a reputation for being a hub of entertainment, it is the MUBS students who have dominated the scene in recent years. With the advent of WhatsApp, the sharing of information has become effortless, and netizens have taken to leaking their friends’ secrets.

Unfortunately, the MUBS female students have been frequent targets of these leaks due to their careless practices of recording videos and taking pictures.

In a recent video rocking the internet, the babe is seen eating whopper like a rabbit eating a carrot and her partner enjoying bean like a woodpecker on a tight deadline

Watch the video here

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