Mona4Reall claps buttocks in see-through netted dress

Mona4Reall has given netizens something to talk about as she wore a netted dress that gives one a look at her body.

The heavily endowed socialite turned musician in a TikTok video sang to the song ‘Freak Girl’ by Nicki Minaj while giving the camera a 360 turn and finally showing her backside to the camera.

“Pressure Applied,” she captioned her video. As if that was it, she wiggled her body, naturally making her buttocks clap in the pink crotched two-suit bikini set she wore.

She did her obscene dance wearing sleek and classy makeup and wavy hair extension she clipped with some jewelry.

This comes after she added a new car to her list of luxurious rides after acquiring a Bentley barely three months ago.

The songstress was captured in a sea blue G-Wagon with a 2022 number plate in a video that circulated on social media.

Meanwhile, on May 28, 2022, social media users went haywire after Mona4Reall shared a video of her new Bentley in Match this year.

She was captured attending Bola Ray’s birthday party with her newly released Bentley.


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