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McBrown Blocks Her Makeup Artist As Her Husband Maxwell Was Interested In Her

Actress Nana Ama McBrown has blocked her longtime makeup artist, Aligina Makeover (real name Alice Asante), and some interesting theories have surfaced about what went down.

Aligina Makeover is a makeup brand Mcbrown worked with for a long time, helping it to gain visibility and traction in the Ghanaian makeup world.

Off-screen, the two ladies were also seen as friends.

However, it has now emerged that McBrown has blocked Aligina makeover.

Another piece of the puzzle – Aligina celebrated her birthday recently and McBrown, who literally wishes everyone in showbiz, ignored her.

So far, the most explosive theory alleges that McBrown’s husband Maxwell, who has been accused of infidelity on a few occasions, expressed interest in Aligina makeover, leading McBrown to cut all ties with her.

However, other theories are more benign, with one being that McBrown’s move to Onua TV severed their relationship since Aligina kept her ties to UTV.

Either way, the ladies unfollowing themselves tells us there is some fire on the mountain and the reason, as always, would eventually come.

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