Many Ghanaian Celebrities To Loose Twitter Verification

I am proud to flaunt my potbelly – SDK Dele
I am proud to flaunt my potbelly – SDK Dele

According to the Verge reports, existing verified accounts will lose their badge if they’re not subscribed to the new Twitter Blue within 90 days after launch.

This has caused chaos between some Ghanaian celebrities and popular people who have verified on the bird app that they are ready to lose it because they are not ready to pay almost 300 cedis for the badge to be kept.

Bridget Otoo, Olele Salvador, amongst others, have revealed clearly that they will not be paying a dime for the blue badge of theirs to be kept.

According to The Verge, Twitter Blue presently costs $4.99/month and gives users access to early access to new features, among other things. However, it does not yet provide verification.



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