Male psychologist offers to give Joyce Blessing FREE support in her trying times

When a video of Joyce Blessing purportedly confessing her love to her partner while intoxicated surfaced online, it garnered attention.

The backlash is intensifying despite the gospel musician’s management’s response since her “ex” spouse, Dave Joy, denied being the person she was referring to.

According to Dr. Samuel Yawson, Joy Blessings’ attitude has an impact on her psychological and emotional wellness.

“The signs she’s exhibiting, such as sobbing, intoxication, and her claim that she’s brokenhearted, indicate that both her mental and emotional health are suffering.

“She needs social support and also from us, I mean psychological support. So we can help her, she needs it because this situation can destroy her music career,” he stated.

During a phone interview on the “Anigye Mmere” Show on the Accra-based Onua FM, monitored by this portal, Mr. Yawson explained that human beings are prone to psychological problems.

“Number two, every human gets sick, you’ll go through medical conditions. And also, you’ll go through psychological conditions and that’s what my sister is going through. She may be in emotional distress and the outcome is the psychological symptoms she’s displaying now,” he elaborated.

The psychologist advised those closer to Joyce Blessing to encourage her and show her maximum support so she can recover from her problems.

“People boose because they want to forget their problems, but after the alcohol diminishes, your problems are still intact. Joyce needs what we call social support, those around her should encourage her. They should show her their unflinching friendship because we are human and we fault. Whether Christians or Muslims, the important thing is rising from the fall,” Dr. advised.


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