LISTEN: You’re just a hoe in the hands of an old woman – Delay catches stray bullet in Lyrical Joe’s latest response to Amerado

The lyrical war between Lyrical Joe and Amerado has been enjoyable so far, despite some casualties.

Delay is one of these casualties, having publicly queried who Lyrical Joe is since she couldn’t place him.

Whether Delay’s query was a jab or not, Lyrical Joe came for blood, and he stung her good.

Sometime this year, Lyrical Joe was awarded the VGMA Best Rap Performance of the Year award at the 2021 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

Many critics and fans of Amerado were disgruntled and felt the award was a stolen verdict in favor of Lyrical Joe.

Fast forward, Amerado and Lyrical Joe have taken the misunderstanding out in a back-to-back lyrical war that has caught on with fans.

Amerado released “Sin No More” only a few hours ago as he slayed lyrical joe with some smooth lines, which impressed beef fanatics.

Lyrical Joe, suddenly grown a thick skin, has responded with “Kwabena Numbers,” which mauls Amerado’s Delay.

According to Lyrical Joe, Amerado is nothing but a hoe stuck in the love web of an older lover.

Ouch, that hurt!

Listen to the rest of Lyrical Joe’s assault below.

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