Leak video of a Ghanaian actress goes viral

Atopa footage of Sitsofe Tsikor, a rising Ghanaian actress, and a man rumored to be Kobi Rana, the movie producer, and director, has gone viral.

Sitsofe Tsikor, who appears to be in her own world of bliss in the video, was having a heated Atopa session with the man who many have speculated is Kobi Rana.

The actress is seen receiving it from her lover while sitting at a kitchen table in the brief video. It’s a brief video, but it packs a punch.

However, since the video went viral, several viewers have interpreted it as a publicity trick to boost the actress’s profile. After all, most of these slay queens turned actors, aside from Atopa, have little to contribute to getting people talking about them.

Others speculate that it could be a marketing stunt for a forthcoming film starring the actress and Kobi Rana.

S*x sells, so why can blame Ghanaian filmmakers for focusing their entire films on s*x? They don’t have anything else to give.

Due to our website policy, we can’t post the video here but you can watch it here.

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