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Kwesi Arthur wɔ HIV/AIDs? Netizens reacts as Kwesi Arthur’s lookalike surfaces

It’s Celebrities lookalikes season, and everyone is trying hard to become popular by riding on the fame of their originals and Kwesi Arthur’s lookalike just joined the group.

Although Kwesi Arthur is now with a low cut, his copy has decided to go with the old Kwesi Arthur.

Meanwhile, netizens are not happy with how skinny and malnourished Kwesi’s copy looks. An Instagram user couldn’t hold it but to ask if this Kwesi Arthur is an HIV/AIDs patient.

Mcbelly32 also thinks this Kwesi Arthur looks like a stone.

Dirty_tren.t also thinks the low budget Kwesi Arthur looks like a sickler.

Well, aside the not so favourable response my netizens, Kwesi Arthur’s copy was not alone. He was in the company of low grade Quamina MP.

Check out the video below and scroll through the comments for more.


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